A reusable plastic cup: 3 objectives!

Generate income while protecting our planet!

1. Reduce waste

Reusable cups reduce waste by about 80% during an event. With this solution, we reduce the time and cost of cleaning the site.

2. Brand image

In addition to being environmentally friendly, customisable cups make it easier to reinforce your brand image or convey a message. They are perfect for you and your partners who want to participate in an event.

3. Economic

Thanks to the deposit system, undelivered cups allow you to make the cost of purchasing your cups profitable and can even become a source of income.

The best reusable and environmentally friendly cups

A high-quality and functional reusable plastic cup

  • Stackable and lightweight, made of recyclable plastic, bisphenol A-free.
  • Its design and resistance have been studied to guarantee a high durability of the product.
  • Compliance with the standard – CE 1935/2004
  • Dishwasher safe

Quality printing techniques: personalise it today!

  • High definition, durability and quality,
  • Sérigraphie et impression digitale,
  • Impression sur toute la surface du gobelet.

Together, let's protect our planet!

Our reusable cups have a sustainable life cycle,

  1. Made of polypropylene, a very resistant and recyclable plastic.
  2. Customisation and delivery? It’s with us!
  3. A continuous reuse, and this from the first event.
  4. After the event you have two possible choices: reuse or recycle !

Gobeletcup® tips

  1. Do not write the year of the event, so you can reuse them the following year.
  2. To protect them, keep them in strong boxes or crates.
  3. At the event, create a sign or posters explaining how the reusable cups work.
  4. An ecological message to pass on? Use the cups to let people know!