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Reusable and customizable cups

Choose reusable and customizable Polypropylene (PP) plastic cups for your events and festivals.
This plastic material is very environmentally friendly and reduces your waste almost completely. It is a sustainable and ecological solution, being washable and therefore reusable. Their life cycle therefore ends with recycling!

Reusable and customizable GOBELETCUP® cups

Gobeletcup® products are available in different formats: from 4cl shooter to standard 20cl, 30cl and 40cl cups, to large 50cl and 1 litre cups. Choose the product you need!

The high-quality Gobeletcup® plastic cups are available in "Frosted" version or in a multitude of opaque colours. They remain intact even after several hundred times in the dishwasher.

The entire range of Gobeletcup® cups can be customised to the colours of your event. You can mark your cups with your logo, sponsor or any illustration you would like to highlight. These visuals can contain up to 2 colours in silkscreen printing and without any limitation in digital.

Reusable cups become a new communication medium for your entity !